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2015 Kennebec County Elected Officials Updated

The spreadsheet of our 2015 Kennebec County elected officials linked from our sidebar menu has been updated.  Check them out!!

Redistricting Updates

Links to a spreadsheet of the updated redistricting changes and maps is on the sidebar menu.  Check them out!!


The Kennebec County Democratic Committee is open to all registered Democrats living in our central Maine county. If you want to receive regular updates and information, we urge you to join our mailing list. All e-mail addresses are kept confidential.

As we read or see what's happening in the various media outlets, it becomes more and more clear that your help is needed, whether or not it is an election year. Hearings are scheduled, and your voice is needed. Whatever issues are important to you, there are opportunities for you to get involved. We've set up a list with some volunteer ideas...please go to it and add your name to the list off people who understand that it's time to do more than talk. Here's the link: KCDC Volunteer Survey

And if you don't have time to work with us, you can still help. We truly need your assistance in replenishing our bank account. Please give what you can, when you can, through our secure Act Blue site...and thanks for all you do.

And remember: if you are a Democrat, and if you want to be involved in the political process instead of just complaining about it, this is the place for you.

Kennebec County Democrats stand for:

  • Strong Communities
  • Fairness and Opportunity for All
  • Investment in Maine’s Future
  • Economic Opportunity and Security
  • Universal Access to Quality Education
  • Universal Access to Quality Healthcare
  • Good Government
  • Fair Taxes
  • Safety and National Security
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Protection
  • International Cooperation




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