Essential elements of a great sales campaign

Choosing the right method of sale

There are a number of sales methods you can choose from when selling your home. It’s important you talk to your real estate agent as to which method they believe is right for you and your property in order for you to achieve the highest sales price. Certain areas and certain properties within an area will achieve better results when sold via private treaty vs auction and vice versa. So make sure you do your research and talk to your agent about the best method of sale for your property.

A comprehensive marketing plan

Effectively marketing your property is a critical part of achieving a successful sale. A well rounded marketing plan with a mix of different advertising channels such as internet, social media, signboards, local marketing and newspaper advertising all play an important role in spreading the word about your property and creating healthy competition among buyers. We buy ugly houses Grand Prairie.

Styling your property to sell

Property styling is all about spending time organizing, tidying, decluttering and decorating your property and garden to make it look fantastic at open for inspections.

It is about employing design and presentation techniques to your home to create a visual marketing tool which will increase the potential of your home attracting the most amount of buyers and ultimately a quicker and more lucrative sale.

Right pricing strategy

Knowing how much your property is worth and pricing it accordingly is an important step towards completing a successful sale.

What is a property appraisal?

Understanding how your property’s worth is determined is critical

How to use competitive properties to work out how much your property is worth

Spend time inspecting similar properties that are currently on the market, however do be aware that their asking price does not necessarily equal true market value. The most consideration should be given to properties that have SOLD in the past six months.

Try to compare your property with homes that are equal to yours. For example, look at properties that are a similar land size or apartments that have comparable floor space, the same amount of accommodation and bedrooms on offer, the style of the home and whether it is renovated or dated, the condition of the property and importantly its location, particularly proximity to amenities and lifestyle attractions such as parks and beaches.

Consider features your property may or may not have. For example views of the city, water or parkland, a swimming pool, secure level garden, garaging, level lift access if you live in an apartment complex, luxury inclusions or special eco features such as solar panels and rain water tanks. On the downside, being on a busy road or having no outlook in an area where many homes enjoy views may affect your sale price and this should be taken into consideration when determining how much the property is worth.

Once again, the best person to turn to is your agent. They should be a wealth of knowledge and familiar with what features of your home will offer the most appeal to buyers. Not only this, they should be able to provide you with valuable data and research material to help you make an educated assessment of your property’s worth.

How to research the market

There are many ways to find out what your property may be worth as well as the impact of what current market conditions may have on your sale.

The Purpose of a Property Appraisal

A property appraisal is an informal estimate of what your home may be worth, which is commonly given as a free service by real estate agents. It is an educated opinion based on recent, comparable sales data in your area, current market sentiment plus the agent’s insight into the features of your home that will either create a lot of buyer interest and competition or any negative features which may limit interest and the price buyers are prepared to pay.

It is worthwhile to request an appraisal from a number of agents before you choose who you are going to use to sell your property. However, it is also important to do your own research so you can either agree or disagree with the agent, as well as understand the rationale behind their pricing strategy.

How is a Property Valuation Different?

A property valuation is usually performed by a Certified Practicing Valuer for an agreed fee. They are not real estate agents or associated with any real estate agency. A valuer will inspect the property, carry out research and analysis into the local market and provide a detailed report regarding issues affecting the current market value of the property.

A property valuation service is commonly required by a bank or financial institution prior to approving a home loan. It is also used by buyers and sellers wanting an independent opinion prior to pre purchase or pre sale, family or partnership settlement, capital gains tax and in some instances building insurance.

What is a Seller’s Market and How Can it Affect Your Price?

A seller’s market reflects the return of consumer confidence and a strong economy. It is occurs when buyer demand outweighs housing supply and greater competition will inevitably drive property prices up.

With the likelihood of competitive bidding, a seller’s market will see increased auction success. However, you need to take into consideration that the real estate market is very segmented, properties at the lower end generally always attract strong buyer interest, while properties at the high end may struggle for attention.

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What Impact Does a Buyer’s Market Have on the Sale Price?

This is a common real estate term referred to when market conditions favor buyers. In a buyer’s market there are typically a large number of properties for sale and fewer buyers. This may come about because of rising interest rates and a slowing economy.

In a buyer’s market, sellers will generally need to be competitive with pricing in order to achieve a sale. Great results are still obtainable and your real estate agent should be able to offer the right advice and best approach.